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COVID-19 Special: How to Manage Negative Emotions

During this continued time of isolation and lockdown, we may continue to feel all kinds of emotions in response to what is happening around us. If you are experiencing things like boredom, apathy, despair, anxiety, frustration, sadness, fear, anger – know that these are normal reactions to an abnormal event we are all collectively facing […]

COVID19 Special: How to Manage your Mind and Worries

During this uncertain time when we are all faced with uncertainty and change, it’s important we not only look after our physical health, but also our emotional and mental health. I’m therefore posting a series of lessons to help provide you with psychological support. This first lesson is all about how to better deal with […]

Building Personal Resilience

Have you found yourself at times feeling like life is overwhelming and your stress levels are really high? Many of us struggle to cope with life when things get difficult or challenging. Building personal resilience is key if you want to move forward in life no matter what challenges may be thrown your way. I’ve […]

Finding Your Flow

  Finding Your Flow: The balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ which leads to synchronicities and less struggle in manifesting our desires It’s that time of year now….the New Year’s Resolutions have been set and you may be finding yourself in that space of realising you either haven’t started acting on your goals or you may […]

Video: Choosing faith over fear

Whenever there is a powerful lesson happening in my life, I feel deeply called to share it ~ trusting that these lessons occur for all of us at some stage in life, and that we’re not alone in this. Currently, I am being asked to step into the unknown in so many areas of my […]

A powerful healing medicine called ‘Forgiveness’

There are a few really powerful interventions and concepts I have come across in my own life and psychology practice that really jump out at me. Sometimes these practices are right in front of us, and yet we may struggle to understand and apply them fully in our own lives. One of those practices is […]