dr kasia wilk
dr kasia wilk

Are you…. Feeling stuck?
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Struggling with a big issue?

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I’m Kasia, and I am here to support you, challenge you, and guide you to where you want to go. Whatever issues you may be facing, know that you don’t have to try and resolve things on your own.

My life’s mission is to empower, inspire, and guide as many people as I can during my lifetime along the journey of transformation. I have seen first-hand that no matter how hopeless life can seem, there is always a way forward, and it begins with making a choice to grow. It is only through the process of choosing transformation and growth that our biggest challenges become our biggest catalysts towards freedom, happiness, and joy.

I want to acknowledge your choice to seek support on the journey of life. If you feel ready to take that first step, let’s book an appointment and I will be happy to start that journey with you. If you are not quite sure what you may need or have questions, you can send me a message or book a free 20 min phone consultation and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to meet you and be in service towards your goals and desires,

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What my clients say

I had the pleasure of working with Kasia for around two years. As a trainee counselling psychologist, it was especially important for me to find professional support, guidance, and reassurance during my supervision hours. Kasia proved to provide all of those factors in a very empathic manner. She was competent, reflective, and well-read, which helped me grow my knowledge in evidence-based practice. I think that the experience of good supervision stays with you for your whole career. Supervision with Kasia certainly will, and this is not due to the name coincidence!

Kasia Maciagowska (Trainee Counselling Psychologist)

Dr. Kasia Wilk has been tremendously helpful with guidance and support to overcome a diverse set of challenges. An extended set of sessions with her has proved to be of invaluable benefit to process and deal with matters ranging from grief to relationships to self-improvement. Her kind, patient and nurturing attitude and insightful approach leads me to recommend her highly.


Working with Kasia has been a life changing experience. I feel I understand myself and my place in the world like never before. I have been able to explore these things in a safe place, free from judgement, and in doing so, I have found acceptance and tolerance for myself and those closest to me. Experiencing a breakthrough with my father, which I was coached through, has had a profound and lasting impact throughout all aspects of my life.

Edward P

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