Life Coaching

Life Coaching

I am keenly passionate about supporting and empowering everyone to live their best life and fully realize their potential. If you would like support with creating your dream life, come work with me!

Coaching generally has a focus on improving performance, effectiveness, and achievement of goals. Improvement of your emotional well-being is a natural side-effect of coaching. If you are not suffering from mental health issues, then coaching may be a better fit for you. You may also choose to begin with psychotherapy and then move into coaching sessions once your mental health has improved. We can ultimately create a bespoke package that fits your particular needs.

Coaching is particularly effective if you would like to reach the ‘next level’ in your life, but are not quite sure how to get there. It can be confusing sometimes to know what the next step is or how to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Coaching provides a clear roadmap so you know what next steps you need to take. It also provides a safe space to hold you accountable to taking action, and helps you to work through any struggles you may face along the journey of manifesting all your goals.

What my clients say

Dr. Kasia Wilk has been tremendously helpful with guidance and support to overcome a diverse set of challenges. An extended set of sessions with her has proved to be of invaluable benefit to process and deal with matters ranging from grief to relationships to self-improvement. Her kind, patient and nurturing attitude and insightful approach leads me to recommend her highly. Christian
Working with Kasia has been a life changing experience. I feel I understand myself and my place in the world like never before. I have been able to explore these things in a safe place, free from judgement, and in doing so, I have found acceptance and tolerance for myself and those closest to me. Experiencing a breakthrough with my father, which I was coached through, has had a profound and lasting impact throughout all aspects of my life. Edward P