If you are feeling like your symptoms of distress are having a significant impact on your well-being and daily life, I welcome you to enrol in a packaged psychotherapy program with me.

Psychological therapy focuses on resolving mental health issues and distress associated with patterns of thinking and behaving that are not supporting health and well-being. A large part of the therapy process involves building self-awareness on understanding the ‘why’ of a problem, where it comes from, and how it can be resolved. The second aspect involves supportive guidance to help you make those changes within yourself and your life.

I work pluralistically, meaning I use different models of therapy to provide a bespoke therapy package that suits your particular needs. Short – term therapy normally lasts between 18-24 sessions, however there is always flexibility to adapt and review as you move through your therapy process. Long – term therapy expanding beyond 24 sessions is beneficial for working much deeper with changing long-held patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

We will address deep aspects of your issues and how they can be resolved. It’s important to stay with the whole therapeutic process which requires commitment to regular, frequent sessions. It is normal to have breakdowns and breakthroughs throughout this process, and we will review every six sessions your progress and experiences within therapy. Our therapeutic relationship is a vital part to ensuring you feel safe and supported at all times.

What my clients say

Dr. Kasia Wilk has been tremendously helpful with guidance and support to overcome a diverse set of challenges. An extended set of sessions with her has proved to be of invaluable benefit to process and deal with matters ranging from grief to relationships to self-improvement. Her kind, patient and nurturing attitude and insightful approach leads me to recommend her highly. Christian
Working with Kasia has been a life changing experience. I feel I understand myself and my place in the world like never before. I have been able to explore these things in a safe place, free from judgement, and in doing so, I have found acceptance and tolerance for myself and those closest to me. Experiencing a breakthrough with my father, which I was coached through, has had a profound and lasting impact throughout all aspects of my life. Edward P