Producing Unseen Scars Feature Film
Producing Unseen Scars Feature Film

Producing Unseen Scars Feature Film

I have an exciting announcement! A long held dream of mine is finally being realised of creating a feature film that supports people with feeling empowered in navigating their recovery from trauma.

When I first began working as a psychologist, I was humbled and honoured at the privilege of being able to support people on such a deep level to guide them towards transformation and healing. I have heard countless stories of resilience, courage, pain, abuse, and the strength to move forward and persevere.

One of the big ‘aha’ moments that landed for me as I began to work privately in my own practice with clients, was how everything in sessions boiled down to the choices that people were making in their lives. What they chose to believe, focus upon, how they chose to respond to triggers or uncertainty, and what kind of actions they chose to do that either moved them forward or kept them stuck in patterns that weren’t serving them anymore. More so, I realised that we all have these defining ‘choice-point’ moments in our lives, both big and small where we can either go left or right, open up or contract, lean into something or hold back…and it is in these moments where the magic lies.

When the Manchester terror attack happened in 2017 where I live, I knew that the choice that young man made to take his own life and the life of others was coming from a place of anger, pain, and fear. When we are in those dark places, it is hard to see a way out. We can convince ourselves that choosing to create more pain for ourselves or others is the only option. But it is not. Love, courage, and faith when chosen and acted upon consistently create realities that often times can defy what is realistic or probable. Choices rooted in the energy of love, courage, and faith (in what you desire) can create radically different realities that lead to joy, connection, abundance, health, fulfilment, and huge success.

It was then in 2017, that I decided that the power of this message needed to be taken outside the therapy room to reach those people that wouldn’t choose to access therapy or seek support. So I created a purpose-driven film company to showcase the power of choice we have in shaping our realities using the platform of film and media. And what a journey it’s been!

Not only have I found some amazing film professionals who have joined me in creating our innovative first feature film, titled Unseen Scars (, we also decided to donate a share of our film’s profits to charity Combat Stress who support veterans with PTSD and mental health issues. Our film focuses on the drama narrative of a military veteran’s struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on his return from service, with the wider conversation involving awareness regarding the choices that are available to recover and move forward from trauma.

It has been a journey to get this film off the ground, but we are excited to be filming later this year and having it out in 2021 with a UK cinema tour and screenings at film festivals. We are also launching the Unseen Scars podcast alongside the film to showcase the voices of real veterans who have faced the same struggles (of our lead film character) of navigating their mental and emotional wellbeing when returning home from service.

To find out more about our film please visit:

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I would love for you to join us in this movement behind the film of being brave enough to talk about our ‘Unseen Scars’ and have the courage to ask for support. Stay tuned for more updates as they develop!

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